What happened in 2017?

Today the 2017 will end and tomorrow we will be in 2018. We hope, as every year, it will be a better year  respect to the one will leave us. Before closing its doors, let’s have a report of these 365 days that maybe we do not remember anymore or we just lost ourselves among the 1000 news we hear every day.

  1. 1st January: the massacre in the Reina nightclub in the Besiktas district, the European area of Istanbul. A man armed with a Kalashnikov shouting “Allah Akbar” opened fire in the night club where about 700 people were celebrating New Year’s Eve.
  2. 18th January: an avalanche canceled the Rigopiano hotel due to an earthquake that hit the whole zone near l’Aquila. The hotel on the Gran Sasso remains isolated, surrounded by a wall of snow and  the 40 people inside the Resort are overwhelmed by snow, stones and ice trees.
  3. 19th January: the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House to replace the now former US President Barack Obama.
  4. 22nd March: London was the victim of a terrorist attack when an SUV launched against passersby on the Westminster Bridge right in front of Big Ben and wounded a policeman to death.
  5. 13th April: It’s official: the Milan era of Silvio Berlusconi is over.
  6. 22nd May: in Manchester, a kamikaze waited at the end of the Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena to blow up the bomb exploded in the foyer of the covered Arena and kills 23 people, the youngest of whom is only 8 years old.
  7. 3rd June: in Turin, for a reason that has not yet been cleared, a disaster breaks out because thousands of people had rushed to Piazza San Carlo to watch the Real Madrid Champions League final against Juventus when suddenly the explosion of a firecracker and the fall of the parapet of an underground car park made one think of a terrorist attack triggering a mad rush of the people present in the square in an attempt to save themselves, but it brought more damage than good with even 1527 injured and a woman who died after about 12 days of agony.
  8. 14th June: the Grenfell Tower, the 24-storey skyscraper in the North Kensington district in London, caught fire: initially there ware 80 deaths but later we speak of 71 people because of the difficulty in identifying bodies.
  9. 17th August: in Barcelona, a white van decides to throw itself on the crowd that walked quietly on the Rambla in the most popular area of the Spanish city trying to move overwhelms as many people as possible speak of 16 people died 120 injured.
  10. 1st October: at the referendum for the independence of Catalonia as republic, the independents win but the Spanish Monarchy, which has already declared it illegal on 7th September, give the order to the national police to stop all the enthusiasm and that caused a lot of injured people.
  11. October: the Weinstein case breaks out, the king of production companies that apparently harassed dozens of women actresses and models.
  12. 17th November: Italy officially out of the race for the World Cup. First time in 60 years that the National team does not qualify for the final phase of the World Cup.
  13. 14th December: in Italy the biotestament becomes law.

Guys, thank you for your support and keep following!

We wish you a happy new year!


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