TrasloService Family: Francesco.

Since our Traslo Family has started to grow, I thought it was necessary to introduce to all our customers who is behind social media pages, the emails, the desk or the phone. So I send to my collegue Francesco Boi, the last arrived, a serie of questions…

All right, men, cut the chatter, let Francesco introduces himself. Good reading!


Francesco, can you tell our clients and social media fans about you and your life pre-trasloservice?

For sure! I come from a very long-lasting hospitality experience started in small and seasonal Sardinian hotels. Then I managed to earn promotions and cover managerial positions in F&B and events sector for 5 stars luxury hotels and well-known hotel chain in Rome and London.

When and why did you decide to come to London?

I have always had the wish to move to London because it is a microcosm where you can find yourself, who you want to become personally and professionally but studies had tied me to Italy for long time. Suddenly, in 2012, even with a permanent contract and a managerial position in one of the most Roman fashion hotel situated in the Dolce Vita‘s street, I packed all my stuff and came to London, leaving behind me an excellent job and a city I loved and still love.  Honestly, the main reason was linked to the wish of learning English; although I could speak the language, I was not happy of my level despite the money spent in lots of courses. Then, other many minor reasons as a better carrier prospects, meritocracy, order, respect for others and for being respected as person and professional, not be just a number. 

How it was at the beginning and how you live the saudade from your island?

The distance from my Sardinia, even many years later, is always a big deal: I miss my family, friends, food, the weather and the sea. Unfortunately, I had to choose, you cannot have everything in life, so I have accepted the compromise of a grey sky and the cold weather, but you know, you learn to accept it and more, it teaches you to love more and more your roots and respect every side. 

About Brexit: do you think is gonna condition those youth who dream UK?

Frankly, I think that if a person comes here willing to work and prove to be productive for this country with professionalism and paying taxes, I do not see it as an obstacle.

What do you suggest to people who wish to move to London or Uk in general?

I recommend to always arm yourself with lots of patience and mental strength, determination, will to do and set yourself a goal, essential to keep up with London rhythms and always be competitive.  Then is necessary to always keep abreast because London is a jungle and meritocracy is the judge and if you do not keep updated, the substitution is around the corner but, if you worth it, you will realize your dreams.

How was the impression with the new job?

At the beginning I was really scared because it was a new sector for me but now, after two months, it is not so different from what I have done since now.

Do you have other plans for your future?

My career is at the top of my thoughts now and I really want to improve and challenge my abilities and knowledges in this field.  

Do you think you will go back to Italy or, at this point, your life is here?

Look, I will be honest: I think a lot about it and I do not deny that I would but, when I focus on pros and cons, I think, for now, it is better to just go on holiday to Sardinia.

Thanks to Francesco for the patience and for answering to my questions.

Who will be next? Hopefully, you will see in two weeks!

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