Traslo Service family: Simone.

Today is Simone’s first anniversary at Traslo Service Ltd. For the occasion we have asked him more about himself, his adventure into the company, Brexit and his plans.   So, […]

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Today is Simone’s first anniversary at Traslo Service Ltd. For the occasion we have asked him more about himself, his adventure into the company, Brexit and his plans.


  • So, Simone, the 27th of May 2017 it has been your first anniversary at Traslo. How does it feel to be the most seasoned of the company?

Oh, well, as the most long-serving, I had the pleasure to fully live the big changes over the last 14 months. The company has expanded and we now have more clients and employees, we have moved from a small and suburban office to a central one, cozier and more stimulating.

All this makes us proud of the great work we are doing and for the results we are reaching.

  • When and why did you move to London?

My girlfriend and I came to London in January 2015. Some months after our degrees, we decided to take an English course to improve the language. Although the initial difficulties related to a relocation, I always gladly remember that period because it is the beginning of everything.

  • What brought you to Traslo?

At my arrival in London, I had the pleasure to meet Samuele again –we used to know each other since the times we played soccer in the same team in Sardinia-. He told me about Traslo and his next big job for KPMG in Paris. He needed a trusted person there to coordinate every movement and detail of the job. So, thanks to my fluency in French, he offered me to go there and be that person. Those three and an half months have been hard and intense but, at the same time, fascinating and interesting and I grew in so many ways. After that experience, Samuele offered me to work on a regular basis at the London office.

  • Did you know your colleagues before arriving in London?

I only knew Samuele  –as I said before-. I remember him when he was a resourceful young man. When I met him again, he was still young, but already an experienced and cutting-edge entrepreneur. I think he deserves all the compensations he is getting. I knew Francesco but just by sight and I met Stefano, Sam and Luca only here in London.

  • Upsides and downsides of this job?

Not to sound too positive but, I struggle to find downsides. It is a rewarding and satisfying job…at least for me! In the office, we succeed in creating a perfect blend of hard and passionate work and time for laughter and fun. It is amazing when you arrive at the office on Monday and not one of us is desperate because the weekend is finished.

  • Brexit: what is your view?

It has been a breakthrough! Time will tell us if British people have made the right choice. With regards to our situation, signs of opening up are not missing by the institutions, especially by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who is making a lot in this respect. I think London, a multicultural city, needs the help and the presence of people from different parts of the world, as this is what makes London great.

  • What is your advice to people who would like to move to London?

I start by saying that, generally, to have an experience abroad enriches the person in many ways. Living in another country, getting in touch with other cultures helps to open your mind and see the world from a new perspective.

From the working point of view, London offers a lot of opportunities. You must be smart and quick to snatch them. The system is meritocratic so commitment and results are repaid. So I would recommend London to the ones that are strong and willing to prove it!

  • Can you give us an opinion about the new colleagues?

Well, both Sam and Luca have the right requirements to work in Traslo. Besides being good guys, they want to stand out and better themselves. I firmly believe that both will help us expand and grow. With two words I would say “willing” about Sam, for his commitment and “accurate” about Luca, for his precision and accuracy.

  • What are your plans?

Right now, I just want to improve my skills, knowledge and proficiency. I want to make them available to the company to reach the targets and the goals that we have set.

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