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We Thrive On Our Clients’ Trust.

Since day one, we saw a clear need in the market for moving services that actually made moving across the Globe enjoyable, comforting, and trustworthy. We asked ourselves one question: “If we were to move, who would we hire?” And when we couldn’t find an answer, we knew we had to create one ourselves.

And that’s the gap that Traslo fills today: A team of moving professionals and removalists who understand what you need, and bring your vision of the perfect move to life.


The Moving Professionals You Need To Secure Your Next Move.

We have helped thousands of individuals, businesses, and large-scale commercial facilities move across Europe. We’ve heard every story, seen every moving nightmare, and have made the most impossible deadlines, which is why we can present the services we have today.


Our network of 1500 vehicles that vary in size, shipping capability, and cost allow our clients to ship all their belongings without worrying for one second. Whether it’s a late shipment for a customer, a gift for a loved one, or your landlord is asking you to move out, if you can put it in a box, we can ship it in time.


10 Years And Counting.

It all started with a dream. Samuele’s dream of bringing the world closer together by filling a market need that until then no one was covering: High-quality removal services from Sardinia to the United Kingdom. That idea and vision gave birth to Traslo, a company that began operating in Sardinia in 2011, thanks to the hard work and unrivaled dedication of its small but close-knit team of founders that wholeheartedly believed in Samuele’s visionary mission. This created an environment of unity and cohesion that customers could resonate with, making them feel part of a real “family”. This is how, thanks to the trust and growing support of our satisfied customers, in 2014, Traslo decided to make the leap and move its headquarters to London, UK.


Thanks to our new location, Traslo started gaining global traction and recognition, and with that came larger and larger projects. In 2015, KPMG chose Traslo to collaborate with on the management of “The Tour Eqho Project”, which lasted for five months of challenging our staff to bring out their best! In 2017, Traslo became the official sponsor of the Crystal Palace Football Club, a great opportunity that allowed us to continue to keep expanding our services, positioning ourselves as one of the leading moving companies in Europe. To this day, after 10 years of founding Traslo, our family still continues to grow while remaining faithful to its core values – efficiency and reliability.


We believe that the strength of a moving company lies in having a cohesive, harmonious team. That’s why we place so much emphasis on personal service and attention to detail, even after our projects are completed! With over 10 years of experience in the sector, Traslo has become the point of reference for those looking for a hassle-free move, regardless of how big or small the project is.


Led by seasoned moving professionals, we will listen, understand your needs, and create a tailor-made solution for your removal.


No matter how difficult, impossible, or niche your removal might seem to you, we assure you that our professional movers can carry it out flawlessly. All you have to do is reach out, ask for our help, and a crew of ours will be knocking on your door in as little as 30 minutes.

Get to know the team that has helped Traslo become what it is today:


Founder of Traslo


Part of Traslo since 2016


Part of Traslo since 2016


Part of Traslo since 2017


Part of Traslo since 2019


Part of Traslo since 2019


Part of Traslo since 2020


Part of Traslo since 2021

If your city is missing, don’t worry! we’ve got you covered! Contact us, we have an option for you!

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