Moving to another country: pros and cons

You’ve always dreamt to go abroad and live in another country and you finally found the courage to do it? Perfect! But, before leaving, you should consider a few important things. […]

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You’ve always dreamt to go abroad and live in another country and you finally found the courage to do it? Perfect! But, before leaving, you should consider a few important things.

Moving to a new country isn’t the same as moving to a new city. This is going to be a big change that requires a little of investigation and planning. Your life will change, you will make lots of different experiences and you will get many opportunities. That’s why you should conduct in-depth research about how to move abroad, which professionals can help you with the move such as Alberta first moving, the country, and city you want to settle down in.

Here we will give you some pros and cons of changing country and live a new life.

  • PROS
1. Travel

You are going too explore the country you are moving to! New cities, new landscapes, new museums, new culture, new food! Depending on where you move abroad, the travel may be a short train ride or a couple hours airtime travel.


2. Open your mind

Traveling comes with knowledge and learning. You can constantly learn about different cultures, languages, and histories as you travel to new cities and countries. Wherever you decide to travel and move to, the amount of knowledge and real-world experience you’ll gain is priceless. Knowledge is also gained through merely taking a walk to the nearest grocery store and engaging in meaningful conversation with a local. These types of experiences are something that can’t be learned by reading a book, or even by searching online.

One of the greatest ways to learn is “by doing.” After moving abroad, you may meet people and go through situations that you’re not used to, or have never experienced, but each of them will enable you to intellectually grow and mature in many ways.


3. Personal growth

When abroad, alone in a new country, you will go up and down in an emotional and physical roller coaster: you will be first excited for being there but, as soon as the adrenaline goes away and you will have to face a difficulty, you would cry and scream! It will happen or maybe not, but all these emotions will help you to find the necessary strengths inside of you to cope with personal and working problems in the future.

time to grow

4. New relationship

Anyone moving to a new country, is always lost in a ocean of new people. How to hang with some of them? Go to public events, strike up a conversation, get something to drink, meet at the park ara some of the strategies you may use. Maybe you will find the friends of your life, maybe not, but, when you will think to them in the future, you will remember these people with love. Some of them maybe, will be the key of your future career! And you will have friends spread around the world that will give you hospitality every time you would get some new fresh air.


  • CONS
1. Homesickness

As we said  above, one of the worst cons is for sure the saudade that takes over you, when you least expect it! But, don’t be afraid, the solution is easy: cry, have a deep breath and then go out, have fun, meet new people, explore the surroundings. In few words: keep your mind occupied!


2. Language barrier

If you’re moving to a new country that has a native language different from yours, you’re bound to experience communication barriers. But even if you “speak” a language, the first impact will be awful, because they speak differently the way you have learn. You need to focus and concentrate even if at the end of the day you will get a terrible headache! But don’t be disheartened, in few days you will be a native speaker!


What about you? Have you ever go through these kind of experiences? Let us know in the comments!

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