Reasons why you should live in London

Are you going to live in London? WHY?!
London has been getting a lot of stick for being more expensive and not as ‘cool’ as cities like Berlin and New York, but according to a poll, one in six people worldwide want to move to London for work. This makes it the most popular place to work in the whole world!

But, work reason is not the only motivation why people should live in London. There are many answers to this question and everyone has his favorite.

We have collected the most popular and strange, across the world web.

1. It’s easy to pop abroad for the weekend

London has transport covered, both inside and out. The tube, buses and Overground will quickly take you all over the city, while St Pancras is on hand for weekend trips to Paris. Don’t forget all our airports too – Heathrow is one of the busiest in the world, so you can travel anywhere if you need to escape the city. Flights to the rest of Europe are so cheap, it’d be rude not to!

2.The Neighborhoods

Are you a hipster? A fashion enthusiast? The corporate junkie? From Camden to Croydon, you’re sure to find a spot in London that you’ll absolutely love and suits your lifestyle and your needs. (Oh take us back to Camden, please?)

3. The food scene is vast (and delicious)

 While we once had a terrible foodie reputation for overcooked beef and crisp sandwiches but London has turned it around and is now one of the most innovative and creative places for food and cooking in the world. The city is full of new restaurants, pop-up cafes, cookery schools, food photographers and culinary bloggers constantly re-inventing the notion of good food. We’ve got some pretty brilliant coffee too.

4. The educational opportunities are excellent

 Although admittedly Oxford and Cambridge are both outside our fair capital, we’re doing pretty well with our 43 universities. A number of world-renowned institutions such as UCL, LSE and SOAS are based here, as well as specialised schools like Central St Martins and the London College of Fashion. We’ve also got some of the best state, grammar and fee-paying schools too, so your kids have no excuse not to get to grips with their times tables.

5. There are plenty of pubs

 To say that Londoners like a drink is a bit of an understatement – we LOVE a good drink. That’s why we have 7,000 pubs and counting across the capital, so you’re never far away from a cold glass of wine after a long day at work.

6. You’ll never be bored

 London never sleeps, so there’s no chance you’ll ever get stuck for something to do. Aside from all the usual attractions like museums and galleries, we also have loads of pop-up restaurants, weekend festivals, and celebrations for everything from cocktails to afternoon tea.

7. The ‘am I in a film?!’ moments

With all the thousands of films set in London, a casual stroll can sometimes feel like a walk through a film set. Every genre is represented, from rom-coms like Bridget Jones Diary and Notting Hill, children’s classic Mary Poppins, and even horror films such as the Omen and A Clockwork Orange.

8. They welcome eccentricity

There’s nothing we love more in London than a touch of eccentricity. In fact, the crazier, the better. We’ve got bizarre traditions like the Christmas Day Serpentine swim, the annual Goat Race and the Pearly Kings and Queens Festival, and are the proud home of artistic oddities like Damien Hirst’s Cock and Bull preserved in formaldehyde.

9. Pillow Fights in Trafalgar Square

Every year there is an annual mass pillow fight in Trafalgar Square where hundreds of people take part. This year it will be held on Saturday April 5th so bring all your friends down and a camera for an afternoon of play fighting. It all kicks off at 3pm and when you get tired take the short walk to St James’ Park with your pillow for a lie down.

This is the friendliest fight you’ll ever take part in and there is just one rule – don’t hit anyone with anything other than a pillow!

10. Fancy Dress at the London Marathon

Where else in the world could you see big bird running past Big Ben and men in tutus, the Cookie Monster and Rubik’s cube hand in hand? Only at the Virgin Money London Marathon of course.

11. Bonkers Museums

London is home to tens of museums and many are free to enter. Exhibitions have ranged from a crack in the floor of the Tate Modern’s turbine hall to the current exhibition of a life sized dinosaur in the Natural History Museum. London is the location for three of the ten best museums in the world so you’re sure to have fun while learning in London.

12. The music and clubbing scene

I remember my first night in London… Oh wait? We can’t! It was just a crazy blur. The intense parties, the party animals in it. Oh my, London is the place to be! There will always be a new bar, a concert or gig right up your street.

Have we listed your special reason too?  Let us know yours in a comment!

See you soon with more blog post!

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