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Moving Out Is A Stressful Process, But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

Moving out of the place you’ve spent so much time and accumulated so many memories in is a life-changing decision. Most people think of moving as simply changing where you lay your head down at night. But the fact is: moving is much more personal than that!

It’s a very involved process and a very mentally taxing one. Moving isn’t only about moving your furniture. It’s about moving from where you call home, where you feel comfortable and safe, leaving all your memories and local friends behind to explore a brand new city, country, and faces you’ve never seen before. For years, we’ve been helping homeowners move all over Europe without having to worry about storage, transportation, cost, or anything else! Our team has all the knowledge, tools and real-life experience needed to make your moving process as simple as possible.

Moving Professionals You Can Trust.

You have us by your side! We can bring safety, security, and efficiency to your new start, wherever you are going to!

European moving specialists

We offer an expert help from A-Z with the most competitive prices you can find, without sacrificing your safety!

Multilingual staff

In our office we speak different languages, that could help you and avoid any miscommunication. This is making it much easier for you to communicate your needs.

To and from European countries

Our moving services cover most European countries, helping you move internationally starting from where you are, and ending at your new home.

Travel all over the World

The sky is your limit. You can move and travel all over the world knowing that your belongings will find their way to you safely and quickly.

Dedicated full loads

If your belongings require their own separate shipment, we can arrange full loads to the country of your choice!

Partial loads

For smaller-scale moves and fewer items, we offer the option to arrange your shipment with another one, helping you save substantial costs!

Van deliveries

To save you even more on freight and large item transports, we have our fleet vans that can get the job done quickly, and safely!

New furniture delivery service

Our team can pick up and deliver your newly-purchased furniture from your vendor of choice and bring it to your doorstep!

Packing and export packing

In order to keep your fragile items safe and sound, we help you pack everything in a way that keeps the smallest parts in place for hundreds of miles!

Storage units in the UK, Italy, Spain and France

We help you store your belongings in our secured and licensed facilities in strategic European cities.

Fine art and antiques

For collectors and lovers of fine, expensive pieces of art, our professionals can help you transport your items with utmost caution and security.


We specialize in transporting pianos from apartments and large establishments safely and professionally.

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